3 Things to Make Your Concrete Driveway Stand Out

Driveway installation isn’t the kind of project the average homeowner will need to consider on a regular basis so that’s why it’s so important to be sure to get it right the first time. The single biggest investment you’re ever likely to make is the purchase of your own home and the driveway lays the foundation for that all important first impression right from the very start, from street view.


Just think of how many times you’ve driven past homes, those really beautiful ones, you know the ones don’t you, the ones that catch your eye and you wished that it was you turning in the driveway instead of someone else.


I’m sure on closer inspection that the one thing you’d notice is that it’s always those homes that have a concrete driveway that sets them apart from the rest. The right decorative driveway will not only complement your home but also has the opportunity to make a very real aesthetic statement. Aside from being the most functional feature of your home’s external landscape, the perfect driveway will add real curb appeal too. No longer is the humble homeowner limited to boring old plain, grey concrete.


There is a huge array of finishes, colours and textures out there now that offer and exciting and unlimited choice for anyone interested in adding a bit of individual flair. A bit of knowledge and a lot of imagination can yield uniquely fabulous results so we’ve put together a few points of reference below for you to consider when endeavouring to set your driveway apart from the rest.





Concrete is the most popular man-made material and interestingly is also the most popular used material on Earth today, after water. This impenetrable, load bearing material is sometimes referred to as liquid stone and is the perfect material to set your driveway apart from the rest.


Concrete and cement are often referred to as the same thing but they are actually different products. Cement is an ingredient of concrete and is actually the dried powder that provides the basis for the glue that holds the concrete together.


Concrete usually costs less than other natural materials like flagstone, slate or brick and is known for it’s high compressive strength and durability.




An excellent concrete finish makes the driveway design both attractive and serviceable. Exposed Aggregate, Plain, Coloured, Stencilled and Stamped concrete solutions are all available to offer you a fashionable driveway option.


Careful shaping and smoothing of fresh concrete by a trained professional moulds it into an attractive, long lasting surface before it dries. An endless choice of decorative themes and styles will set your driveway apart from the rest and make the neighbours green with envy. Add to that the imaginative use of patterns, textures and colours and you’ll have an end product and design as individual as you are.





Coloured concrete is far more appealing and visually stimulating than the plain, boring grey of old. Colour oxide is used as the pigment to tint and turn that boring old grey concrete into a true piece of functional art. Set your driveway apart from the rest and have fun bringing your own colour combination to life. Grab a colour chart and get busy mixing and matching and let artful inspiration take your driveway from drab to fab.


Like we mentioned earlier, driveway installation isn’t the kind of project the average homeowner will need to consider on a regular basis therefore it’s vitally important to get it right the first time. The aesthetic appeal of your home or any home for that matter is a deeply personal thing.


So, if curb appeal is something you’ve been considering for sometime or it has just entered your radar now and you’d like to know more then we’d be more than happy to discuss any further queries with you.